Briar Pacey was born with a smile on her face and a camera in her hand. She followed her passion for photography into her first job as a photographic assistant then, at the tender age of 21, it led her halfway across the world. She then spent seven years in London working with the best and the brightest in all areas of photographic production and publishing. Drawn back home to New Zealand, she parlayed her knowledge of the work behind a perfect image with her superhuman organisational and networking skills to start Pacey Production Company in 2008.

As New Zealand’s favourite independent production company, Briar can ensure that her clients receive the perfect crew for their project, every time. When not arranging shoots all over New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific, Briar is at her pastoral , semi-wild home in the hills with her family.




Member of the NZ Association of Photographers and the NZ Advertising Producers Group