We love New Zealand. We know New Zealand. This beautiful country displays a staggering amount of diversity in a geographically tight area. Do you need to shoot bubbling mud pools, vast empty plains and epic alpine scenes? No problem! Flying between any region in New Zealand takes no more than 2 hours. Pacey Production Company is able to connect you with the most knowledgeable location scouts to scour the New Zealand landscape for the perfect spot to shoot your campaign.

New Zealand has more to offer than just stunning scenery. A film-friendly country, we have world-class post-production studios, simple and clear immigration processes and favourable exchange rates that extend your production budget. Take advantage of our seasonal opposition to the Northern Hemisphere to prepare your imagery ahead of time. Let Pacey Production Company free you from a dreary winter.

Our greatest pleasure is introducing people to the vastly diverse beauty of the New Zealand landscape and the encompassing warmth of the New Zealand people. Here, in close proximity, we have snow dusted alps and lush rainforests, crystalline lakes and raging rivers, limestone caves and gasp-inducing waterfalls, long dusty roads and gentle rolling pasture, glamorous white sand and dramatic black sand beaches, aspirational homes and urban cityscapes.

New Zealand’s very best asset is our people and Pacey Production Company can connect with precisely the crew you need. We have access to the world-class, internationally awarded film industry as well as the leading lights in New Zealand photo and video production. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Pacey Production Company can confirm the reputation of local crew as being efficient, experienced and easy-going. The common tongue here is English ensuring stress-free communication and our famously friendly, multi-cultural population enables plenty of casting options.

Contact Pacey Production Company for a competitive quote to shoot your campaign in New Zealand and come see what the world is talking about.


Summer - December/January/February

Autumn - March/April/May

Winter - June/July/August

Spring - September/October/November

NZ has a mix of sub-tropical and temperate climates. Summer temperatures range between 20-30 degrees C and winter 10-15 degrees with more extreme temperatures at altitude.


NZ 9pm = UK 9am (12 hrs ahead of UK)

NZ 9am = USA 5pm (8 hrs ahead of NYC)

NZ Midday = Singapore 8am (4 hours ahead of Singapore)

NZ 11am = AUS 9am (2 hours ahead of Sydney)

See below for specific world clock times by clicking on the play button for each location.